Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Japan is Going to Need a Lot of Robots

3.5 million robot workers may be needed by 2025, as Japan's population ages.
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New LEED Museum Uses Solar Power

The Water + Life Museums complex in Hemet, California has a 540 watt, 3000 panel solar array that produces almost half of the complex’s power.
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Artificial Spider Silk Spinner

One more step toward a spidey shooter thanks to German scientists.
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Brain Consumes a 3rd of Energy for Brainkeeping

Our brains just seem to get more and more interesting, the more we find out about them.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hy-Bird Solar-Hydrogen Aeroplane

This hybrid aeroplane has a great concept, and may be flying soon. Full Story

A Keyboard You Can Wash in Your Sink

This washable keyboard is something that has been needed for a long time. I am glad it finally arrived.
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Plastic Blood Cells Could Help Deliver Oxygen

Red Blood Cells

Professor Joseph M. DeSimone University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created artificial blood cells that might help patients with narrowed arteries.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Potential Herpes Vaccine goes to Phase II Trials

This has the potential to be a major breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of herpes HSV-2 infection.
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Data Glove Allows Soldiers a Way to Access Their Computers on the Move

Rally Point has developed an input device for soldiers’ wearable computer systems. It's also a good idea for law enforcement, fire fighters, etc.
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Robots to Pump Your Gas

The Dutch may soon be able to have a robot pump their gas. Click here to watch the video.
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Inexpensive Multi-Touch White Board and Head Tracking 3D With Your Wii!!

These two new uses for the Wii are fantastic! Carnage Mellon Graduate student Johnny Lee has made two new hacks for the Nintendo Wii. You've got to watch the two videos below to believe it!
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Robots that Reassemble Themselves and Continue Their Task

On the surface this seems like a great idea, and maybe for dumb robots it would be, but, I just can't help thinking of Replicators from StarGate SG1.
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Modular Robots at Work

New Green Collar Jobs Seem to be Arriving

The idea of green collar jobs is a really good one, and it does seem to be gaining momentum in the northwest.
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Nano Sunflowers!

You would think these were real sunflowers. Full Story

Friday, April 25, 2008

Open Source Robotics is a Good Idea

There seems to be a big push for open source robotics in education. I hope it really happens.
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Fire Fighting Robot

Although this is just a concept robot, it is good to see someone is starting to think of these things. A telepresence robot would work well in fire fighting.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nano Fiber Optics Have Now Been Made

Because of this discovery, bandwith will become so cheap it will almost be free. Note, the nano fiber optic strand is rapped around a human hair.
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An Inventive New Way to Go Solar May Bring the Cost Down

Solar leasing could be the watch word of the future.
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New Photos From Hubble of Colliding Galaxies

Hubble continues to amaze! Full Story

Finnish Electric Sail, Could Soon Be Riding the Solar Wind

There seem to be two great uses for the solar sail, to explore outside our solar system, and to provide transport with the solar system. It also might have a turbo charge on it.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SpaceX Gets a Contract With NASA

Who knows what this will really mean when NASA uses a phrase like, "an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract for launch services." This indefinitely might happen.
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Oil Billionaire Wants to Put 2700 Wind Turbines in the Texas Panhandle

T. Boone Pickens is going to build a wind farm to provide 4000 megawatts of power. That is enough to power about a million homes. Yeah! Way to go!
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A Great Use For Old Subway Cars

New York City subway cars are being used to help make coral reefs. 714 cars have been used so far.
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Not on the Test Video--A Must Watch!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Using Gas Hydrates Could be the Way of the Future

There are more gas hydrates in the ocean than all other fossil fuels combined. A new process is now letting us use it.
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Get Rid of Those Crutches!

Bob Bentivegna has invented a way to heal without those pesky crutches.
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Here are some Great Pics for Earth Day!

Oyster Blood Deposits Pearl-like Coating on Metals; it may have Aircraft Applications

Clemson University's Dr. Andrew Mount discovered that oysters use blood cells to deposit crystals that form shell and pearl, which was unknown before.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

OLED Lamps to Light our Homes

New OLED (Organic Light emmitting Diode) lamps are starting to arrive in the home.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sony's New Bendable OLED Screens

CAVEman "4D" Virtual Man Allows for Greater In Depth Study

This visual system allows you to "see" diseases working and the effects of interventions, such as drugs, on these diseases. After they add in real time scanning it will just keep getting more useful.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Glowing Sun Shade, Powered by Solar Panel

This is a really cool way to shade in the day, and light at night.
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500,000 gigabytes in One Square Inch!

Your Ipod or Iphone might someday look like this, but carry everything and anything, with 150,000 times more storage capacity than your device has now!
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Smallest Transistor Yet, One Atom Thick

Graphene Transistor is only one atom thick by ten atoms wide.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Micro Sensor Comes with its Own Refrigeration Unit!

This new design may open a whole new way to cool chips.
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FloDesign Wind Turbine

This new design by FlowDesign, utilizing jet engine technology might be 3 times more efficient than regular wind turbines.
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Leaft Lighting System

I think this is a cool way to light a bit of a room.
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Whirlpool Creates "Eco-System" For Kitchen

This is a great new system that uses the waste heat from one appliance to heat water for another one. It boasts a 70% energy efficiency over ordinary kitchens — yielding up to 24% in money savings.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meat Minus Living Animals!

While it might not seem appetizing now, vat grown meat will be the way of the future. It has so many advantages over, growing the animal feed, raising the animals, the distasteful slaughtering of animals, and the risk of contamination. PETA is even offering 1 million dollars for the first vat grown meat by 2012.
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Flogos, Flying Advertising

Snow machine + soap + helium = Flogos
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DALI Could be the Largest Telescope Ever Built

The Dark Ages Lunar Interferometer or DALI is a new proposed radio telescope to be put on the far side of the moon.
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CO2 to DVDs to Carbon Sequestration

This new process by Thomas E. Müller and Toshiyasu Sakakura won't solve the CO2 problem, but, it would help.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rocket Racing League Sets Date for First Race!

This is going to be really cool. I was at the Xcup Prize when the Rocket Racing League showed the first flybys, and just that was great.
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Oilgae to Fuel our Cars!

Algae produces 30 times more energy per acre than corn or soybeans and can grow in salt water. This is a great biofuel.
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New Explotation of Rivers by use of Vortex Power

Professor Michael M. Bernitsas is developing Vortex hydroelectric power. This is a great way to get power from rivers, and get rid of dams in the process.

Converting Radiation Directly into Power

Using radioactive material allows 20 times more power to be extracted from radioactive decay than thermoelectric materials. This could be a great way to power spacecraft.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Mammoth is most Preserved Yet

Even though they say they are not planning to clone this mammoth, they are sequencing its genome, and that means somebody somewhere probably will.
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Floating Buildings through Electromagnetism

While this idea is fanciful, it is good to see people thinking outside the box.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

MIT's Nexi Robot has Facial Expressions

Nexi is a bit eerie but, I'm sure we will quickly get use to communicating with robots.
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